i am trained in many therapy models. i primarily use a mix of narrative, experiential, and behavioral therapies with clients. i enjoy working with african american and other black populations the most. i also work extensively with teens and their parents to develop better relationships. 

i have worked in several clinical settings, from high schools to major hospitals. i currently see clients face-to-face in orem, utah and offer teletherapy services throughout the states of utah and california.


i am a published author, having contributed pieces to several academic publications. i have also taught lectures, given presentations, and facilitated several discussions around a variety of topics. i am passionate about community work and creating spaces of trust, curiosity, and connection. i tend to focus on the process and energy in the room more than the content.

i currently offer trainings, consultations, and improvement packages focused primarily on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

creativity coach.

for me, the act of creating is the embodiment of your beliefs about the world. i grew up taking dance and piano lessons in elementary school. i wrote songs and poetry in middle school. this turned into music production in high school. i am a vocalist and performed in various choirs and musical ensembles growing up. i have been an actress and dancer in feature films, including the errand of angels and high school musical. in graduate school, i began constructing a novel. later, i taught myself how to draw and paint. 

learning new means of expression is a staple in my life as my own ways of understanding life change. i coach others through the creative process in an empathic manner to help them become clear on their purpose. my goal is to help you find a sustainable, meaningful creative process.

intuitive healer.

an essential piece of the meaning-making experience is how attuned we are to our intuition or inner wisdom. my sensitivity to energy has guided me through my struggles and successes. in 2020, i decided to learn how to read tarot and oracle cards, which became a new doorway to improve my mental health. i soon began giving readings to others and have been reading professionally for almost two years. i have given hundreds of readings and receive positive responses from my clients.

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